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on time, on track, always

Welcome to
International Railway Technology Consulting

We provide competent professional technical and operational consulting regarding all kinds of railway technology.
Our clients are research institutes, the rail industry, rail operators and other consulting companies.
The focus of our work is thereby on the vehicle technology, the vehicle maintenance and reliability as well as on the running performance of all kind of rail vehicles (in other words, the optimisation of the vehicle run on the track).

Special emphasis of our activity is

  • Onboard-measurement system for online monitoring of the running performance, the track condition and derailment detection
    • Optimisation of the vehicle maintenance under the rules of the condition-based maintenance by knowledge of the running behaviour of the wheel sets.
    • Optimisation of the track maintenance by location-related damage information that is won by operation of a regular scheduled, sensory equipped, vehicle without further additional expenses.
    • Optimised temporal personnel and work scheduling by knowledge of the quality of the vehicle run in the related rail segment.
    • Automatic derailment detection, if necessary with immediate alarm.
    • Documentation of the own vehicle maintenance and the running behaviour of the own vehicle fleet and of the appearing track side problems which lie beyond the own responsibility.
    • Easy retrofitablility in existing vehicles and integration in existing IT systems.
  • Running dynamics analyses
    • Theoretical analysis and instrumented investigations of operational questions of all kinds.
    • Identification of optimisation potentials and necessary steps for improvement.
  • Telematics for rail traffic
    • Conception of telematics systems for the rail freight transports
    • Selection of suitable systems
    • Benchmarking of different suppliers
    • Independent recommendation regarding the selection of telematics systems
    • Support with the selection of suitable sensor technology for your application
  • Train weighing
  • Angle-of-attack measurements
  • Calculations regarding safety against derailments
  • Clearance measurements and calculations

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